Flavor as Good as Gold

Texas Gold is the highest quality, best tasting wild caught shrimp that will make any shrimp dish delicious

Texas Gold Wild Caught Shrimp is sustainably harvested and ALWAYS antibiotic-free

We go to great lengths to protect our shrimp from defects and our harvesting process helps preserve the natural color, texture and appearance of every pound of Texas Gold Shrimp

Texas Gold Wild Caught Shrimp is shipped to you frozen and will arrive in 2 days or less

High Quality Delicious Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp 
Shipped directly to you frozen 
No toxins ! Sustainable fishing ! Completely natural and healthy

Premium domestic brand of wild caught shrimp harvested from the Gulf of Mexico.

My mouth is watering for Texas Gold Shrimp, the very best I’ve ever tasted!
Donna Blair

Texas Gold Shrimp is harvested, processed, packaged and distributed by the same family who have owned and operated the company since the 1950's. This means we have full control of the product and maintain the highest level of quality.

We have invested millions of dollars in shrimp trawlers and automated processing equipment to assure superior taste, texture appearance and quality to make every dish you prepare with Texas Gold Shrimp a great food experience that will create lasting memories.

Texas Gold Shrimp is the preferred brand of Foodies, upscale restaurant chefs and health conscious people because it has great taste, perfect texture and appearance, is wild caught in the Gulf of Mexico and has superior quality to typical frozen shrimp found in the grocery store.

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