What do our customers say about Texas Gold Shrimp ?

"Texas Gold Shrimp are the best! Brought back to Oklahoma enough to last 6 to 12 months. Hopefully we will be able to make another run come spring."

— Aleta Mays

"My mouth is watering for Texas Gold Shrimp, the very best I’ve ever tasted."

— Donna Blair

"We drive from South Dakota every winter to get our annual supply of Texas Gold Shrimp."

— Harry Minor

I eat shrimp about once a week and my favorite is Texas Gold Shrimp. I used to buy shrimp from the grocery store until I found Texas Gold Shrimp. It's definitely has a superior flavor. It looks great on the plate after it's cooked up. And it's a really great tasting shrimp. And that's the only shrimp I'll buy now.
-Scott Levy

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